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Monthly Archives: October 2015

Winter Rains and Vapor Barriers: Why Crawl Space Conditions are Critical in Winter

Washington is a very wet state. While we don’t rank high in how much rain we get, the rain that falls lasts a long time in the form of groundwater and moisture in our air. Winter is especially a season packed with cloudy skies and wet weather. The effects of this wet winter weather can be disastrous in homes that are unprepared to face these conditions . Flooding, wood rot,…

Why Seattle Residents Love Crawl Space Cleaning

The crawl space is generally not a very fun place to be. The cramped quarters, proximity to the ground, and the surrounding insulation make the whole experience pretty unpleasant for most people. For Seattle residents with dirty crawl spaces, the situation is made even worse. Unkempt crawl spaces are known to be wet, muddy, cramped, and smelly places. If the crawl space had ever been home to a pest infestation,…

Preparing for Winter – Is Your House Insulated?

The winter season holds the promise of cold winds, heavy rain, and frosty mornings for families in Seattle and Tacoma. While many people excitedly anticipate the opportunity to bundle up in their warm jackets, scarves, boots, and gloves to brave the fall and winter weather, it can be frustrating when these cold conditions follow you back indoors. Many Seattle and Tacoma families have struggled to keep their homes comfortable and…

What You Might Find While Cleaning Your Attic

Most people don’t spend much time crawling around in their attic. While we might store various seasonal belongings and treasured keepsakes there, our attics are not spaces that we spend much time thinking about. Now and then, however, our attics draw our attention to more serious problems. Stains on the ceiling, leaks from the roof, strange smells, and pest problems might make us consider our attics. If not maintained for…

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