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Monthly Archives: May 2015

How To Tell If Your Attic Insulation is Old

Even though the attic is not a place we visit very often, its condition can actually play a significant role in other areas of our lives. A common problem with attics that are not properly cared for is a decrease in the quality of the insulation. Knowing what to look for in your insulation can help you to see and address the issue before it starts to cause bigger problems.…

What is Safe to Store in Your Crawl Space

Sometimes our homes just aren’t big enough to hold all of our stuff, and storage space can be hard to come by. In situations like these, many people turn to their crawl spaces and consider the storage possibilities. This big, dark, empty space can be ideal for storing unnecessary items that can safely remain out of sight for months on end. Before you get carried away, however, keep in mind…

How To Protect Your Attic Storage from Summer Heat

As things start to warm up here in the Pacific Northwest, many of us look forward to spending lots of summer fun in the warm sun. When the weather gets too hot, we can escape into our cool, air conditioned homes to avoid the sun’s rays. Unfortunately, items that are stored in your attic have no way to escape the heat, and can sustain permanent damage.   To keep this…

How To Correctly Budget for Crawl Space Cleaning

For many of us, visiting our crawl space is not something we look forward too, especially when it is a wet or smelly place. Previous animal infestations, mold, mildew, and wet insulation all release unpleasant aromas and create a disgusting crawl space environment. While visiting your crawl space may not be an exciting task, neither is paying someone else to do it for you. Depending on the size of your…

New Pest Solutions Service Launches Today

We're proud to announce a new service launching today: Clean Crawls Pest Solutions! Clean Crawls, locally owned and family operated, has been serving the Puget Sound for nearly 15 years providing insulation and clean out services, and we're excited to be adding to the list fully certified pest control services. “Pest control services is a natural progression for our business”, owner Chuck Henrichsen says. “We work in infested attics and crawl spaces all the…

Why Cleaning and Insulating Your Attic Is So Important

Most people don’t think twice about cleaning and insulating their attics. At least, not until strange smells, rodent infestations, or other annoying issues appear and force them to take a peek into their attic. With basic attic cleaning, inspection, and repairs, families in Everett, WA can avoid dealing with the side effects of a poorly insulated attic and can reap great benefits instead. Attic Cleaning To discover why cleaning and…

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