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Monthly Archives: March 2015

The Good News About Tulips and Pollen

This year's Spring has sprung, and with it comes one of our region's most treasured traditions, the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival. The image below is from RoozenGaarde Flowers & Bulbs in Mount Vernon, and if you want to see the tulips this year you'd better make tracks, they've had the earliest bloom in their history. The good news about tulips is that they produce almost no airborne pollen, so feel free…

Improving the Air Quality of Your Home

The seemingly constant rain that we get here in Seattle forces us to spend more time than we’d like indoors. As we pass day after day, week after week, locked away in our comfortable homes, we are continually exposed to some of the contaminants that can naturally appear in the air of our homes. As time goes on, many indoor contaminants can start to increase, such as dust, mold, and…

Top 7 DIY Crawl Space Mistakes

Over our years of work with crawl space repairs and restorations, there are certain crawl space mistakes that DIY homeowners make that can have very serious consequences. While there is the definitely a time and place for DIY projects so that you can be independent as well as save yourself some money, there are some repairs that can end up costing you more money when not done with proper knowledge…

The 3 Big Problems With Tree Roots In Your Crawl Space

At first glance, it may seem somewhat laughable to discover that the roots of the trees surrounding your home have wriggled their way into your crawl space, but in reality, it is no laughing matter. Over our years of servicing local homes and businesses, we have found that having trees roots that extend into your crawl space, while a rare occurrence in the Seattle area, will have many serious consequences.…

Attic Clean Out: Spring Cleaning Your Attic

Spring has finally arrived! As trees begin to bud and flowers begin to poke their heads through the wet soil, its about time that we poke our heads up into our attics. With the arrival of spring comes the perfect opportunity to conduct a thorough spring cleaning of our homes. Here are a few ways you can get your attic spring ready. 1. Your Attic Clean Out Cleaning out your attic…

Clean Crawls Honored by Snohomish County PUD as a Top Producer in Insulation

Who you gonna call? For the 2nd year running, Clean Crawls was honored by Snohomish County PUD as a Top Producer in Insulation, helping 83 families save on their energy bills in Snohomish County in 2014! For reliable, proven insulation, weatherization and restoration work, give Clean Crawls a call. We'll make sure you get all the rebates you qualify for, whether with Snohomish County PUD, Puget Sound Energy, Tacoma Power…

5 Steps to Handling a Flooded Crawlspace

It rains a lot here in Seattle. And by ‘a lot’, we mean practically all the time. Because it rains so frequently, it can be easy for residents forget about the damaging effects that a sudden heavy rain can have on their home and property. Flooded crawlspaces are not an uncommon occurrence. However, as crawl spaces contain the structural support for your home, the presence of water, particularly large amounts…

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