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Monthly Archives: September 2014

5 Worst Crawl Space DIY Mistakes that Homeowners Make

Some homeowners have just enough ambition and skills to perform many of their own home improvement projects. There are times, however, that these DIY-ers get overly confident in their abilities. Unfortunately, this can lead to a much higher end cost than if they had hired out to a professional service company. Sometimes the mistakes can be quickly fixed by the professionals, but sometimes the errors are big enough that they…

World War Rodent – Arming Your Home Against the Seasonal Invasion

It is the time of year that all of us begin thinking about preparing for winter. The autumn months are always a flurry of harvest and bounty, both for people and for woodland creatures. Unfortunately, many of those woodland creatures may have an eye on your crawl space for storing winter goodies and hunkering down for the cold winter months. So, how can we prevent these rascally rodents from filling…

Why Is Spray Foam Best For Your Crawl Space Insulation?

At Clean Crawls, we see a lot of crawl spaces in the Greater Seattle area. While some of these are well-tended and well-insulated, others are in complete disarray when we first walk onto the scene.   But after our team of crawl space experts walk off your property—we leave behind a completely cleaned and insulated crawl space that will last you for years to come, saving energy, protecting your air…

Preparing for Fall: Insulation Options To Keep Your Home Warm

Summer is drawing to an end and winter is quickly approaching. While none of us have need to turn on our heaters yet, it is time to consider whether or not you’re well-protected against the cold. With the autumnal season comes cold weather and a big increase in energy bills. One of the most telling signs of a poorly insulated house is when you notice your energy bills are sky…

What Should I Do When My Insulation Gets Wet?

In the Pacific Northwest, we get a lot of rain. While this is part of the reason that we live in such a lush and beautiful part of the country, it comes with challenges as well, such as water or moisture getting into our homes and causing damage. What should you do when you notice that your insulation has gotten wet? Well, that depends on the type of insulation you’ve…

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