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Monthly Archives: August 2014

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint With Insulation

Every time you turn around these days, someone is talking about global warming, climate change, renewable energy or energy efficiency. Insulation is consistently listed as one of the best ways to reduce your carbon footprint, right alongside: Driving a high-MPG automobile Swapping out your light bulbs for CFL's/LED's Buying energy-efficient appliances Eating less red meat Using a programmable thermostat ...and the list goes on By saving so much energy, insulation…

Download Our Free eBook: Insulation Options: Compare the 5 Most Common Types of Insulation

When builders and homeowners are considering the various types of insulation that are currently available, they are all approaching with different mindsets of what they need and value most. In some cases it is a combination of reducing heat transfer and sound-proofing abilities. For others, the greater emphasis is on very low allergens and still a high R-value. We wanted to make the research a little easier for these people…

Insulation Keeps Heat Out

A hot house can be a sign your home isn't well insulated. Proper insulation keeps hot air OUT and cool air IN during the summer, improving your family's comfort and peace of mind. After a near-record-setting July with much of the summer yet to come, a cool house is welcome indeed. Heat enters your house based on something called the Stack Effect. The Stack Effect causes hot air to enter our houses…

“Spray Foam Insulation: The Homeowner’s Guide to The Most Effective Insulation Available” – Free eBook Available for Download

Learn everything that you need to know about spray foam insulation in this free eBook guide. In it we cover comparisons of spray foam insulation to other types of insulation, information on its health risks, candid discussions about its various benefits, and an entire chapter devoted to frequently asked questions. Here’s an outline of all the information we’ll provide you with in the eBook: Chapter 1: What is Spray Foam…

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