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Monthly Archives: July 2014

Crawl Space Care: How To Protect Your Home From Disaster

  Having a safe and healthy home is a top priority for all of us. Our family’s safety is our greatest concern as parents and homeowners. It’s for this reason that we believe good crawl space care is a vital aspect of every homeowner’s home maintenance. Crawl spaces that are infested with pests or mold allow toxic air to circulate through your home. Mold growth and moisture damage can weaken…

Pest Invasions: How To Know When To Call The Professionals

Discovering a pest in your home can be an alarming experience. As the spotted critter skitters under your sofa, you will likely already be racing to the nearest store to buy any number of bug-bombs, DIY pest killers, and traps. Unfortunately, while this might be our knee-jerk reaction, it might make the pest problem worse. So before you panic, determine whether or not this is a job you can handle,…

10 Things You Don’t Know Are In Your Crawl Space

Few people have the desire to go and explore the dark underbelly of the home that hides beneath their floorboards. And why should they? Most crawl spaces are bare dirt and exposed ductwork, with scarcely the room to crawl about, much less walk with ease. Unfortunately, this lack of easy accessibility results in many homeowners forgetting about their crawl spaces entirely—a mistake that can sometimes cost thousands of dollars. With…

Yes, Insulation Prevents Heat Transfer… But How?

Not many of us bother to research insulation. Why should we? As long it was put in the walls, floors, and ceilings when the house was built, why should anyone bother their heads about it years later? Unfortunately, having an improper understanding of insulation and it’s function and impact on your home can mean that you end up paying far more for your energy bills than you need to. People…

Spray Foam Insulation and Mold: Why Spray Foam Insulation is Your Best Option

One of the worst sights a homeowner can see is mold growth in or on any part of their home. Whether it’s creeping across their crawl space insulation, or crawling up their attic beams, mold means damage, health risks, and both time and energy to fix. But how can homeowners prevent this plague? Most people know that mold is caused by moisture. Fewer people are aware that 99% of the…

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