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Month: June 2014


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Your Award-Winning Choice for Insulation, Clean-outs, Prescriptive Air Sealing and Weatherization

By Chuck Henrichsen on June 20, 2014

Chuck Henrichsen, owner of Clean Crawls, stopped by New Day Northwest last week to discuss the importance of clean crawl spaces and attics, and their role in keeping homes cool and healthy in summer. Rem Husted from Puget Sound Energy was on hand to announce that Clean Crawls was recognized with the PSE 2013 Weatherization Award for being the top performer

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You Need Insulation – But Where?

By Chuck Henrichsen on June 18, 2014

The energy saving benefits of insulation are sky high. A proper insulation job in the average American home will pay for itself in less than a year. That’s why it’s so important to make sure all of the crucial areas of your home are well insulated before the chilly weather strikes again.     When

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Surprising Insulation: What It’s Actually Made Of

By Chuck Henrichsen on June 11, 2014

Insulation is an important part of a home’s construction. Without proper insulation, the structure can become incredibly cold or excessively hot. Moisture infiltrates, mold grows, wood rots, and the house’s structural quality begins to fail. How does attic and crawl space insulation actually keep all of these inconvenient problems from occurring? What is it made

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Insider Secrets About Insulation Contractors

By Clean Crawls on January 11, 2018

If you’ve ever experienced problems caused by a faulty, or even suspect, insulation installation, you know that it’s an experience you’ll never forget. Among the countless insulation installers out there, there are plenty that are reliable, honest, and who do an excellent job. Unfortunately, there are also some insulation contractors who just don’t measure up

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The Secret to Lowering Your Heating Bills

By Clean Crawls on December 19, 2017

As winter begins to bear down upon us here in the Puget Sound area, concerns of rising heating costs come front and center. You’ve dealt with these concerns before, but now there are indications that Puget Sound Energy is petitioning regulators to increase the price of home energy costs by as much as one-percent in

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Is Your Home Heat Smart?

By Clean Crawls on October 10, 2017

With the cooler weather of fall and winter quickly approaching, many homeowners are beginning to think about keeping their home warm during the cold months. In the damp, chilly environment we have here in the Pacific Northwest, this is especially important. But, despite turning up heaters and setting fireplaces to blaze, many people will still

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