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Monthly Archives: May 2014

Answers To The Top 3 Questions About Crawl Space Humidity

Homeowners want to know where to start. We spend a lot of time talking about the dangers of moisture in your crawl space, but what should be your next step? The answers to these top three questions that homeowners ask give practical recommendations to maintaining your crawl space and avoiding moisture damage and mold.   “What’s the threshold humidity level for mold growth?” When the relative humidity of your crawl…

Crawl Space Flooding Checklist: What to do When Your Crawl Space Floods

This article has been updated with new a infographic since its original publishing date! In the Pacific Northwest, spring rain is a given. Rain year round, in fact, is a certainty. Because of where we live, however, it can be easy for us to forget that, when the spring rain comes and there are days of downpours and deluges, things begin to flood. Floods can severely damage the structural integrity…

Why You Need Better Attic Ventilation Before Summer Hits!

With summertime rapidly approaching, it’s time that homeowners begin considering the importance of proper roof ventilation and attic insulation. It is important to the integrity of your home to have the proper amount of attic ventilation for the size of your roof and attic area. Why is this? Excessive heat in your attic can cause many problems. Firstly, a hot attic quickly becomes a hot house. For homes that use…

Need To Get Rodents Out of Your Home? Read Our Free Ebook on Eradicating Rodents!

If you're having a rodent infestation, eradicating these unvitied pests can seem overwhelming. Lucky for you, our professional rodent removal team has compiled a simple, DIY guide to ridding your home and crawl space of these rodents. In this free ebook below, we provide you with step by step guidance to preventing rodents from getting into your crawl space, how to suppress a rodent population once it's been established, and…

5 Signs that Your Crawl Space or Attic Insulation Needs To Be Replaced

When insulation goes bad, it creates a problem throughout your entire home. Temperatures change, energy bills rise, critters leave their mark, and drafts sweep through your home on a windy day. If your home is experiencing one or all of these five signs, it’s probably time to replace your crawl space or attic insulation. 1. Changing Indoor Temperatures If the indoor temperatures of your home are constantly changing, that’s a…

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