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Monthly Archives: February 2014

Cold-Blooded Crawl Space Invaders: How To Keep Out Snakes

Most people have a very healthy fear of snakes that borders on phobia. The strange rasp of a snake hiss, the eerie creep of their legless bodies, and the nagging fear of poisonous fangs all contribute to the pervading hatred of snakes. With this in mind, imagine with me that you’ve realized you need something out of one of the tightly sealed tubs in your crawl space. You put on…

Clean Air: The Danger of Radon in Your Crawl Space

Radon test kit — Image courtesy of GrrlScientist Radon is a naturally occurring colorless, odorless gas that is emitted from natural deposits of uranium in the soil, rocks and water. Radon is result of the decay of uranium and is a naturally radioactive element. Approximately two radon atoms are released from every square centimeter of soil everywhere on the Earth every second of each day. This adds up to quite…

Pure Air: What’s Creeping In Your Carpets?

Keeping your house clean and fresh is no easy task. Parents often feel like all they do is wash dishes, pick up messes, do laundry, and make food. In some homes, however, keeping your house allergen free is of the highest priority. Families, and especially small children, with environmental allergies need to be sure certain parts of the home are cleaned more regularly. Having clean crawl spaces, vents, attics, carpets,…

Come Visit Us at the Seattle Home Show, Beginning Saturday, February 15th

For nine days from February 15th - 23rd, Clean Crawls will be among the hundreds of exhibitors at this years' Seattle Home Show - come visit our booth! All the where's and when's can be found on their site. The Northwest's largest consumer show, the Home Show has everything for your home, inside and out. You can also enjoy special features such as seminars and even wine tasting! Just how big…

Strategies for Cold Floors

If you dread putting your feet on the floor, there's a good chance insufficient crawlspace insulation or air leaks are to blame. All un-carpeted floors will get cool in winter, but if your floors don’t warm up during the day, chances are you have a problem with insulation in your crawl space, or home penetration air leaks. According to the Department of Energy, an average home has air leaks equivalent to…

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