5 Benefits of Spray Foam Insulation

At Clean Crawls, we’re big fans of spray foam insulation. While a crawl space cleaning can do a substantial amount to improve your home’s air quality and your energy costs, a spray foam insulation installation can seal things up for good and eliminate any worries in the distant future. Now that summer is upon us, cooling can become a big consideration for your home. If your crawl space is not…

Air Sealing: Fix the Two Foot Hole In Your House

Would you open a window with the air conditioner running? Did your mom or dad ever say, "We're not paying to air condition the whole neighborhood!" when you were a little kid? They might have been a lot more in tune than they knew. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, the average home has so many air leaks, they add up a 2-foot-square hole. That's…

Attic Insulation Roundup: Finding the Best Fit

Just like houses in the Pacific Northwest, attic insulation comes in all shapes and sizes. As we near the summer season, which is anticipated to be one of the hottest in recent history, people will be flocking to Home Depot, Lowes, and Amazon to secure an air conditioner to keep cool. But you may find that your efforts are for naught, unless your home has had a quality attic insulation…

How To Keep Your Family Safe From Your Crawl Space

Keeping your family safe is always top of mind for you. Well, it’s top of mind for us as well! We are passionate about helping our local neighbors and families know how to safely care for and handle a crawl space. As a homeowner, there are few things that you need to know in order to keep everyone in your family, and even those other children within your community, safe…

There’s Water in My Crawl Space; What Now?

Finding water in your crawl space is always an unpleasant surprise. Many homeowners don’t frequent their crawl spaces often, if ever. This means that water is usually discovered after a flood or heavy rainfall, or it can be due to unpleasant smells issuing from beneath the floorboards. If you’re in this boat, never fear! The Clean Crawls crawl space cleaning team knows everything there is to know about removing water and…

Expert Interview Series: Elizabeth Dodson of HomeZada on Smart Home Maintenance

Elizabeth Dodson is the co-founder HomeZada where she manages the marketing and business development along with the customer experience. We recently talked to her about the common challenges homeowners face when maintaining their houses. Here's what she had to say: What are some of the challenges homeowners face when it comes to managing their homes? Homeowners are challenged by understanding all the details of their homes and making the best…

How Spray Foam Insulation Keeps Your Home Happy

Spray foam makes for a happy home. Whether it’s a battle with your energy bill, an incessant draft through your house, or frequent pests and invaders, spray foam insulation is one of your greatest allies to call in for a little backup. But what are all of the spray foam insulation benefits and why is it an ideal type of attic insulation? As spray foam continues to outshine traditional fiberglass…

Flash and Batt: Seattle’s Superheroes

This is how you get the most from your insulation dollars. It might not wear a flowing cape or spiffy tights, but the flash and batt method of home insulation is a real superhero. Its power combines two common insulation materials and transforms them into something that neither could be on its own: highly effective and budget-friendly. That's a genuine foe to the arch-nemesis of heat…

Seven Things You Don’t Want in Your Attic

It may not be the most inviting environment, but a regular trip to the attic can prevent some unhappy surprises. Your attic isn't just an empty space above the living quarters. It's part of your home's structure that has a purpose. The rafters support the roof and distribute its weight to the framing members throughout the home. Joists support the ceiling and help distribute weight evenly…

5 Reasons Your Home Needs a Vapor Barrier

An ordinary crawl space might house any number of systems, and they need protection as much as you do. What goes on inside your crawl space? It's not just a vacant, or mostly vacant, area underneath the house. Some houses have HVAC ductwork down there, and some have wiring and plumbing. Some have none of those things, but the framework of the house is still exposed.…

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