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5 Ways Installing Vapor Barriers in Your Crawl Space Increases Property Value

Growing families are on a constant hunt for a new home, so keeping your current house in good shape can save you thousands of dollars in the long run. Although new homeowners may focus on aesthetics and style, maintaining the functionality of your house will increase property value the most. Your crawl space, for instance, is one of the most important aspects of your house. With more than 40% of…

6 Reasons Why Air Sealing Your Home Should Be on Your To-Do List

You may be surprised to learn that a massive amount of energy is wasted due to cracks, holes, and gaps in your house. This can cause several issues around your house, resulting in thousands of dollars worth of repairs and medical expenses. However, you can protect your house and your family by air sealing your home. Air sealing will prevent any air transfer from your house, cutting energy costs and…

A Complete Guide to Attic Spray Foam Insulation

Energy efficiency is one of the main concerns for homeowners in the Pacific Northwest and around the country. Because of this, many are looking to remove and replace their current attic insulation with new and effective insulation that helps them reduce costs. However, there are numerous attic insulation methods out there. Each house is unique and has different requirements. Spray foam insulation offers a dynamic option that is suitable for…

Reduce Pollution in Your Home: Improving Your Indoor Air Quality

Establishing and maintaining a healthy living environment means keeping a clean house in both the places you can see and those you can’t. Spaces like your attic and crawl space have a huge impact on your indoor air quality. Keeping these areas clean is key to preventing respiratory issues and other health problems caused by poor air quality. Unfortunately, this is the kind of cleaning no homeowner wants to do.…

Pest Control 101: Do Snakes Hibernate in Houses?

In the Pacific Northwest, we have the luxury of living in an area without deadly snakes. Of course, you may stumble across a Western rattlesnake in Eastern Washington or Oregon, but the Seattle area is home only to friendly, non-poisonous snakes. However, just because they’re not dangerous doesn’t mean they’re welcome. Most homeowners can agree—snakes are not ideal house guests. As a professional pest control company, we want to help…

Pest Control 101: How Long Do Pest Inspections Take?

Harboring a pest in your house can cause thousands of dollars worth of damage, and even worse, threaten your family’s health. Having a pest-free house will guarantee better air quality, and reduce the amount of wear and tear your home suffers. Having your house inspected for pests by qualified professionals is as pivotal as any other maintenance task on your to-do list. At Clean Crawls, we provide full pest control…

Crawl Space Winter Maintenance: Should I Heat My Crawl Space?

With the winter in full blast, it’s normal for homeowners to worry about winter maintenance, energy costs, and frozen pipes. However, DIY crawl space maintenance may not be the best solution during the winter months. Because of this, we put together a simple guide on how to keep your pipes and crawl space safe and efficient during these winter months. Do You Need to Heat Your Crawl Space? Walls and…

How To Prevent Crawl Space Pipes From Freezing

When temperatures drop, many homeowners grow concerned for the water pipes in their home. At Clean Crawls, our experience with crawl space and attic restoration tells us that this concern is not unwarranted, especially in the crawl space. Because a crawl space is partially exposed to the environment through air vents, even a brief cold snap can freeze the water in the pipes under your home. However, while most homeowners…

The Importance of Proper Attic Ventilation

Attics are among the least used parts of our homes. They’re often used as storage areas and are taken for granted. Although it seems far-fetched, attics have a huge influence our living standards, especially in Washington and the Pacific Northwest. Moreover, keeping your attic in good condition can prevent several health hazards as well as structural damage to your house. In order to keep your attic in good condition, you…

Time to Roll Out the Caution Tape: You Have Mold in Your Crawl Space

In its natural state, mold has very positive effects on the environment. It helps break down and decompose organic material, such as leaves, vegetation, fruit, and other organic matter. However, when present in houses, mold growth can cause severe health complications and cost a lot of money on property damage. Detecting any mold growth in your house should raise a red flag. You must address the matter immediately. If you…

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