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Monthly Archives: December 2014

How To Prevent Crawl Space Pipes From Freezing This Winter

What is the number one concern people have when the temperatures drop and they realize that things in their crawl space are getting a more than just a little chilly? Their pipes, of course. When the thermometer starts plummeting, it pays to check the conditions of your crawl space. Because a crawl space is partially exposed to the environment through air vents, even a brief cold snap can freeze the…

Protecting Your Home from Your Christmas Tree

We recently stumbled across a news story detailing the horrors that can happen when families bright with Christmas joy bring in a Christmas tree rife with bugs — these can include aphids (a common pine tree inhabitant), spiders, and roaches. Yikes! This is not what we like to think about when we look at our Christmas trees! The news story, which you can find here, details the experience of a…

The Shocking Benefits of Blown In Insulation

The nature of a home is to provide a warm, comfortable place where people can relax and enjoy themselves. For it to accomplish this, it is important that owners ensure that their homes are well protected and thoroughly insulated to retain heat and maintain a strong structure. While there are various kinds of insulation available today that meet the needs of different housing structures and environments, blown in insulation has…

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